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All our therapists are fully qualified and insured* and have had at least 1+ year's experience in at least one therapy.

Condition & Issue

Structural (e.g.Back, Neck)
Pregnancy and Labour Fears
Heart Disease


* where applicable, and at the time of joining us

Services & Treatments for: Physical Issues

This conditions section is under construction - please bear with us.

This category relates to physical issues of all types.


Using Acupuncture for Physical Issues

From a Chinese point of view, pain is due to blood and energy / Qi stagnation, and acupuncture is able to regulate the flow of chi and promote the circulation of blood, clearing the stagnation. From a Western point of view, acupuncture reduces inflammation, sedates nerve activity and increases numbers of localized blood cells.

General Summary

Acupuncture is a popular treatment modality used for a variety of conditions. It involves the use of fine needles inserted into acupuncture points. Typically used as a course of treatment.
Journey Therapy (The Journey, Brandon Bays)

General Summary

The Journey, or Journey Therapy is a simple, painless process uncovering old cell memories that are causing us these issues and clears them out, allowing our bodies to heal themselves. It allow us to get in touch with your inner wisdom.
Nutritional Therapy (Nutritional Medicine, Nutrition, Nutrition coaching)

Using Nutritional Therapy for Physical Issues

Most people have heard of the phrase “You Are What You Eat” and know that is not always good news. Nutritional Therapy takes this further and looks at not just what you eat, but how your body processes, absorbs and utilises the foods you choose to eat on a daily basis.

General Summary

Nutritional therapy supports your optimum health and development through foods, herbs, and other naturally derived substances, helping to prevent disease, enhance performance, and improve healthy life expectancy.
Psycho-Physical Therapy (Mind-Body medicine, Psycho-somatic therapy)

Using Psycho-Physical Therapy for Physical Issues

This therapy is ideally placed to help track down and resolve the emotional causes of physical issues.

General Summary

Psycho-Physical Therapy is designed to track down and resolve the mental-emotional roots of physical issues. It uses a combination of psycho-kinesiology and the latest energy psychology techniques.
Reiki (Reiki Healing)

Using Reiki for Physical Issues

Reiki is the ancient art of hands-on healing, which enhances energy levels, inner calm, relief from stress, tension, and physical ailments. There is no condition that would not benefit from this treatment.

General Summary

Reiki is a method of channelling energy to the body in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize, intending to relax the body, clear blockages, and restore vitality.
Root Cause Healing

Using Root Cause Healing for Physical Issues

Whether you have a chronic issue that has been with you for ever, a life threatening illness, a persistent cold, a bad back, or dyslexia - or indeed any other physical complaint, our deeply holistic approach will interest you and could provide the most effective route back to health.

Check out The Role of Root Cause Healing in the Treatment of Physical Dis-Ease for a detailed article showing how non-physical issues can affect the physical body.

"Root Cause Healing" is all about healing the causes and, in our opinion, 99% of the time, even physical issues have emotional or mental causes - usually most surprising ones!

We usually treat acute physical issues with the Scenar. When we work with chronic physical issues almost invariably we need to work with the root causes as there is a history behind it that needs to be released. Any arising acute symptoms may well be handled using Scenar.

We may find that you have surprising physical causes too. Very common are heavy metal toxicity, or subtle intolerance to foods or even scar tissue from surgery 20 years back - again, Scenar may be used here.

Until the root causes are cleared, the physical issue may be extremely difficult to heal or will keep coming back. Over a series of sessions, we find the causes, healing them one by one. Having done this, your body will be able to mobilise its resources and work with you to restore your health. Obviously no guarantees can be made, however we firmly believe the process will be fundamental to your healing.

General Summary

Root Cause Healing is a powerful healing system designed to accurately track down the causes of any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issue. It uses a combination of psycho-kinesiology and powerful healing modalities.
Scenar (Kosmed or Skenar)

Using Scenar for Physical Issues

We treat pain with Scenar - highly advanced technology built for use in the Russian Space Programme. Results can often be seen in one session, however a short course is typically needed.

We can work with pain, stiffness and inflammation. Occasionally, especially if the pain is repeating itself over time, we test kinesiologically to see if there are underlying non-physical cases that need to be address. Our flagship therapy “Root Cause Healing” is well placed to find and heal these causes.

General Summary

The Scenar is a powerful electrical device designed to stimulate the body - through the Autononic Nervous System and Acupuncture system, into self-healing. It is particularly effective for back, neck, joint and muscle pain and inflammation.
Slavic Massage (Slavic Body Massage)

Using Slavic Massage for Physical Issues

Slavic Massage has a positive effect on all bodily system because it will stimulate the Parasympathetic nervous system, helping to bring about homeostatis (physical balance) through stress reduction.

General Summary

Slavic massage is a deeply relaxing form of ancient massage which focuses on transforming the body which aims to transform by inducing deep mind-body relaxation. Hot aromatic oils are liberally applied throughout the treatment.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Physical Issues

From a Chinese point of view, pain is due to blood and energy / Qi stagnation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is able to regulate the flow of chi and promote the circulation of blood, clearing the stagnation. From a Western point of view, TCM reduces inflammation, sedates nerve activity and increases numbers of localized blood cells.

General Summary

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete system of medicine consisting of chinese diagnosis and a collection of treatment modalities that could include acupuncture and herbal medicine.



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