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All our therapists are fully qualified and insured* and have had at least 1+ year's experience in at least one therapy.


* where applicable, and at the time of joining us


Alex Owen

  Alex Owen began his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) under the tutelage of Dr Kai Lam Lee, in 1996. He studied at the Fook Sang Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Practitioners Training College for four years gaining experience in all aspects of TCM. His teacher was a very traditional practitioner, teaching him many folk remedies and herbal medicine which are rarely taught now-a-days.

When the college closed in 2000 Alex decided to start the five-year BSc course in TCM at Middlesex University. This was the first collaborative professional programme in TCM to be validated in the UK. During his time at Middlesex University Alex also gained his professional diploma in tuina massage and certificate in acupuncture first aid. For his efforts he was also recognised by the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and awarded the Prize for Excellence in TCM Studies 2005. He graduated with first class honours in 2005.

Alex spent seven months in China in 2004. He studied at two of the largest TCM hospitals in China's capital Beijing. The hospitals most prominent physicians tutored him on the latest techniques and treatment methods used in China. He gained extensive experience working on the cardiology, neurology, respiratory, gynaecology, dermatology, traumatology and paediatric wards.

After graduating Alex was invited to join the staff at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine who are the affiliated Teaching and Research Centre of Chinese Medicine for Middlesex University. Asante not only provide private treatments for private patients but also supply treatments in several NHS establishments.

At present Alex is working on the Labour and anti-natal wards of Whittington NHS Hospital. Helping women by providing acupuncture to help with labour pain, expediting labour other conditions experienced during pregnancy. Alex also runs a practice in Kings Langley providing private treatments out of this beautiful and unspoilt village.

Alex has a good knowledge of many medical conditions but has particular success in the fields of musculo-skeletal problems such as sports injuries, back pain, sciatica, arthritis and also menstrual & reproductive aliments such as painful, delayed, frequent and irregular menstrual bleeding. However his main specialisation is in acupuncture during pregnancy and labour.

Alex is a full member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. ...Full details

Andrea Harris

  Rev. Andrea Harris, AIMS, BAHons, LicAc, MBAcC, is an ordained interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor. She trained at the Interfaith Seminary UK to lead ceremonies and counsel people of all faiths and none. Andrea has explored many faiths and mystical traditions and much of her work is inspired by the teachings of the Course in Miracles and Psychology of Vision.

Andrea provides ceremonies nationally and internationally. She has worked in the field of self development for over 10 years and is also a qualified acupuncturist. Andrea is a member of the Association of Interfaith Ministers and Spiritual Counsellors, is fully insured and bound by their Code of Ethics and Practice.

What is Interfaith Ministry?
Interfaith Ministers are trained to counsel and serve people from all backgrounds and traditions. Whilst there are overt theological differences between faiths, we honour the timeless understanding that essentially there is one truth and a fundamental human unity. We recognise the universality of the teachings and the Sacred common to all authentic spiritual traditions.

We are not a replacement for, but an addition to traditional ministers and teachers.

These are the services I provide: - Spiritual Counselling
- Wedding Ceremonies and Vow Renewals
- Funeral or Memorial Services
- Baby Blessings or Naming Ceremonies
- Other Ceremonies

All ceremonies are personal, honour your unique spiritual understanding and individual wishes. I also cater for non religious and secular ceremonies. ...Full details

Andrew Vyse

  Having practised various types of bodywork for many years, Andrew Vyse qualified in Swedish holistic massage, gaining an ITEC diploma in 2004. He is also qualified in Ayurvedic Massage.

"After becoming interested in massage a few years ago I began studying tantric meditations for 5 years with the school of awakening which has now become an important part of my life work and daily living .I have a regular yoga practice and have been practicing ayurvedic yoga massage for the last two years .I have been learning to take care of my body through yoga, my health through ayurveda and my spiritual practice through tantra. I continue to pass on my experiences through touch and presence". ...Full details

Barry David Cooper

  Barry Cooper
For many years I considered myself a “lapsed psychologist”. In my mid-teens I regularly read articles on popular psychology - what would now be called “self-improvement” - and also developed an interest in psychical research. The common factor was the potential of the human mind – what “makes us tick”. I decided to become a psychologist, and enrolled for a psychology degree at Reading University in 1970. The course had a strong experimental bias, and was far from the practical subject that I had had in mind. In fact, the course succeeded in putting me off psychology as a career, and I was talked into becoming an accountant! I discovered within a few weeks that I hated auditing, and as soon as I qualified I specialised in taxation. With the increasing complexity of the UK tax system, due to messing about by successive governments, I eventually began to loathe my work as a tax adviser. When my wife died in 2001 I was able to consider a change of profession and a return to applied psychology. I started with an NLP Practitioner course, followed by a full practitioner’s diploma course in clinical hypnosis. More recently, I became interested in meridian energy therapies (MET), particularly Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a versatile tool now used by many hypnotherapists, and qualified as an MET Practitioner. I am now an Advanced MET Practitioner and a Practitioner in another MET, EmoTrance. I was also the first to qualify in LifeMapper Coaching – a brand new concept for personal development and success. I also have diplomas in stress management training and organisational stress management, and I'm a certified past life regression specialist. I now consider myself to be a “lapsed accountant”! ...Full details

Claire Eva Pierce

  Claire Eva Pierce MBACP, UKRCP is a Hertfordshire and North London based Counsellor/Therapist (Psychosynthesis).

She is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (UKRCP). She adheres to their professional guidelines and code of ethics.

She has been helping people for her whole working life, initially in the personnel departments of major corporations.

She then trained and qualified as a Counsellor/Therapist (Psychosynthesis) from the Institute of Psychosynthesis, where she gained her post-graduate diploma in Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counselling.

Since then she has studied in depth a number of approaches to personal development. This has enabled her to draw upon a wide experience of different techniques, disciplines and traditions. ...Full details

David Powers

  David Powers is a registered Osteopath, qualifying in 1996 from the British School of Osteopathy.

Initially I worked as an associate for established practitioners, and then bought my own practice in Hendon in 2000. This is my main establishment and is based in a sports centre where I treat a combination of back, neck and sports injuries. I also practice in a GP surgery in Bushey Health and in Southend-on-Sea.

I have a passion for treating animals, after spending much of my childhood surrounded by them. For the past 7 years I have treated horses, dogs and whatever else ends up on my couch!

My interests have also included teaching osteopathic technique at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Whilst lecturing I offered one of the final year students a job after graduation and since then he has helped build the practice with his vision of osteopathy. ...Full details

Donna Robbins

  Donna Robbins is no longer with the HHHC.

Donna Robbins is an experienced complementary therapiest and tutor, and promotes postive health and well-being through natural alternatives. Her clinic is called Midas Touch Bodywork Therapies. She is a fully qualified complementary therapist and a member of ‘The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists’, a professional association for therapists that have undertaken training to the highest standards. Members adhere to a strict ‘Code of Ethics’ ensuring that high standards of professional integrity and healthcare are maintained.

Her initial training was undertaken with Gabriel Mojay, Author of ‘Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit’, at ‘The Intitute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy’, after which she has undertaken many post-graduate forms of training with varying trainig facilities including amongst others Tisserand, The Really Useful Massage Company, The International Intitute of Reflexology and Fragrant Earth. Her post-graduate qualifications include Aromatherapy and Massage for Pregnancy, Labour and Post-Natal Care, Ayurvedic Aromatic Indian Head Massage and Chakra balancing, Aromatic Acupressure and Meridian Massage, Advanced Ayurvedic Aromatic Indian Head Massage, Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Menopause, Supporting those living with HIV and AIDS, Advanced Massage and Bodywork, Injury Prevention Massage (Working without the hands e.g. like ‘No Hands Massage’), Russian Aromatics, Slavic Massage, Reflexology, Rei-ki, Thai Yoga Massage, Rocking and Pulsing and First Aid.

The approach to her work incorporates the ancient values of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including tongue diagnosis, enabling her to treat you holistically as a person. She has been in private practice since 1999, running two busy clinics, as well as having specialised in the treatment of HIV/AIDS at several London centres and has also worked for ‘The Nightingale Hospice’ an organisation supporting those living with Cancer. She is a qualified tutor and lectures in Therapeutic Massage, Acupressure & Meridian Massage, Advanced Massage & Bodywork and Aromatic Indian Head Massage at ‘The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy’ (www.aromatherapy-studies.com), and runs Post Graduate Courses in Aromatherapy at ‘The Maitri Foundation‘ (www.maitri.co.uk), near Gloucester. Private tuition is also available, from her St. Albans Clinic or by prior arrangement at a location of your choice. ...Full details

Dora Csendes

  Dora Csendes is a qualified therapist offering a range of relaxing and healing therapies to ease both physical and emotional strains and stresses. Reflexology, massage, energy healing (Reiki, Prana Nadi) and Bach flower essences are all wonderfully designed tools to help people maintain or regain a healthy body and a balanced spirit. These gentle therapeutic treatments (or combinations thereof) are always tailored to the clients’ personal needs and are equally suitable for adults and children.

“Since solving my own health problems with natural and complementary therapies, I decided to dedicate myself to learning and practising them myself. I started my studies in 2000 with Reiki healing and continued to add different therapies to my repertoire since then. The range of treatments I now use allows me to treat my clients in a flexible way, and by using combinations of the different therapies I am able to address both physical and emotional issues at the same time. By continuously adjusting my treatments to the clients’ needs I aim to provide a fully holistic healing experience.

I truly believe that the natural state of the human body is health and balance, yet in order to maintain that, both our body and our soul need looking after on a regular basis. The complementary therapies offered are designed to awaken the clients’ own healing powers and enable them to take responsibility for their own healing. I am always honoured and happy to be the facilitator of that healing process and see my clients restore their state of balance and harmony.” ...Full details

Gabrielle Richards

  Gabrielle Richards practises in Kings Langley, 2 minutes from M25 Junction 20. She began training in meditation in 1972, has been qualified as a Lifestyle Educator and Massage Therapist since 1986, Nutritional Therapist and Emotional Release Bodyworker since 1990, Naturopath since 1996 and Spiritual Healer since 2005.

Gabrielle is a member of the FHIT (Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists), an associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and is affiliated with the British Complementary Medicine Association. She is a Naturopath working with people of all ages who choose to trust in nature to heal the body and emotions, including the dimensions of spiritual and personal development. Naturopathy sees a person not as a collection of symptoms to be “cured,” but as a unique individual, who, for many reasons, is suffering from their departure from What is Natural. Gabrielle strives to remove blocks to healing, promote healthy lifestyle, emotional health, stress and pain management, love and compassion support the individual to develop to the full to a more healthful, empowered and joyful state of being.

The first session can include; personal profile, physical examination, postural adjustment, breathwork, dietary consultation, movement advice, relaxation and elements of emotional release bodywork.

As a spiritual healer, Gabrielle Richards brings total acceptance love and compassion when channelling Spirit for your healing. You can relax completely, comfortably sitting or lying, and let Nature’s healing power do the work. In this healing space, her hands several inches off the body, your trust grows. You let go into the stillness deep within; stress dissolves away leaving you feeling light, calm and happy. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. ...Full details

Gaynor Hughes

  Gaynor Hughes RGN, NMTA, Reiki II, VTCT, LPT Dip,

I am a registered nurse and have been caring for people for over 20 years. With many experiences and skills gained, it started to become clear that there is more to healing than conventional medicine alone. The body, I discovered is a complex one whether it is on a physical, emotional or psychological level and has the ability to heal itself.

Over the past 5-6 years I have been gaining information and qualifications in many aspects of therapies that suits all individual needs. My purpose in life is to help people and have treated people with different conditions. This is achieved either in their own homes or if preferred in a treatment room. I work at a Hospice and giving healing in this environment is very rewarding especially when giving a person a sense of better well being and some improvement to their quality in life. My work is enhanced by being a light work practitioner, working with the angelic energy force.

I offer: Neuro-Muscular Transmission

Reiki Past Life Healing Indian Head Massage Hopi Ear Candle therapy available at your location or in Kings Langley ...Full details

Geoffrey Curtis

  I first became interested in Craniosacral Therapy work about 15 years ago when I had a significant health problem. I was so struck with the power and potential of CST that I was inspired to train myself. Craniosacral training is a three year course starting with a very detailed study of anatomy and physiology before moving onto a sophisticated array of specific techniques and methodologies to deal with different complaints.

CST is becoming more and more well known and often people have heard of babies being treated and problems such as colic, difficulty sleeping, birth trauma etc being resolved very quickly. Babies and children respond very well to the subtle yet powerful techniques of CST.

Craniosacral work can often help conditions that the patient has had for a long time or problems that have not improved with other forms of treatment. Two recent clients report:

‘At the time when I started having sessions with Geoff, I was very stressed and tense. After only two or three weekly sessions this stress just disappeared although I hadn’t anticipated it would! I have had moments of stress since my treatments but never at the level I had before.

‘I was in a lot of pain taking 30 prescription painkillers a day after a back operation, after 4 sessions I stopped taking the painkillers completely and could walk much more freely.’

Craniosacral work is an exciting and powerful form of treatment which is becoming more and more well known. ...Full details

Joy Healey


Joy Healey

...Full details

Karen Oliver

  Karen Oliver
I am 41 and live in Surrey with my husband and family. With a background in the caring industry and with a level of knowledge in counselling. I went on to add depth to my skills by training to be a Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique with the Association of Advancement of Meridian Therapies and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming with the American Board of NLP.

I have put my skills into practise in many diverse areas including:
Depression, Post-natal illness, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Addictions - Smoking Cessation, Eating Disorders, Phobias, Lack of Confidence, Exam Nerves, Asthma, Hay Fever, Pain, Migraine, Food Intolerance Peak Performance - Judo, Golf, Tennis, Dance Critical Illness Symptoms - Post Stroke Symptoms, M S, M E.

Apart from 1 2 1 and telephone consultations, to allow greater sharing of these powerful techniques, I run introductory demonstrations for groups which have proved to be a fun and popular way of learning the process. ...Full details

Karen Stuart

  Karen Stuart is an independent Financial Advisor possessing outstanding coaching and training skills.

She has more than 34 years of sales and marketing experience in Financial Services.

She makes presentations and leads seminars and workshops. She speaks at lunches and dinners and open shopping days.

She coaches, trains and facilitates others in obtaining the best advice possible. ...Full details

Kate Cook

  Kate Cook BA Hons, Dip ION (MBANT), is a clinical nutritionist who believes that nutrition has to be really 'do-able' in everyday life. Kate doesn't believe in something that doesn't work or isn't practical and is dedicated to making nutrition approachable and fun. Kate came into nutrition after her nutrition hobby got out of hand and she found herself booked of a course at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition for three years - the experience changed her life, health and outlook forever. Kate is currently writing her first book, 52 Brilliant Ideas for Healthy Living. ...Full details

Kim Crundall

  Kim Crundell's company, Balance Nutrition, was set up to provide friendly and relevant nutritional advice in a relaxed and easy to understand manner.

Kim has extensive experience of working with digestive problems, IBS, hormonal & menopausal imbalances, PMS, chronic tiredness, recurring infections and weight management.

At Balance Nutrition, food sensitivity testing is seen as being core to understanding the specific needs of your body, and is carried out for all clients.

Kim has worked with many children, on conditions ranging from tummy aches and food sensitivities, to eczema, Crohns, and ADHD. Her particular passion is helping couples to prepare for pregnancy, using her knowledge of nutrition to enhance fertility and support the mother throughout pregnancy.

Nutritional therapy can also be used in support of medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In many cases enhanced nutrition helps to support medical treatment, and reduce side effects of taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Kim has provided lectures for Breast Cancer Care and The Parkinsons Society, as well as a number of local groups and companies. ...Full details

Larah K Davis


Larah Davis

...Full details

Lesley Schofield

  Lesley Schofield, through her work, is committed to promoting good health and well being through healthy lifestyle. She believes it is within our own remit to take control and responsibility for our own health and by doing this regain or maintain vitality.

Treatments are either either stand alone or combined with detoxification programmes which are designed concentrating on the Colon, Liver, Immune system or the Menopause (endocrine system.)

Lesley Trained at the ‘Scottish School of Colonic Hydrotherapy’ under the very talented Anne-Lise Millar.

Prior to this she studied Anatomy and Physiology as a combined ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage for which she gained a ‘distinction’.

Lesley is currently studying on a part time basis at the ‘College of Naturopathic Medicine’ to become a Naturopath and believes that this is already assisting her in the work she does with her Colonic Clients.

Lesley is a member of the Association and Register of Colonic Hydrotherapists. ...Full details

Linda Lloyd


Linda Lloyd MLCHom, DipHEAR, FARH
Linda comes from a family of homeopaths – her great-grandmother
studied and practised in India and her mother is a practising homeopath who is still teaching Yoga at the age of 67!

Linda has been studying and practising homeopathy for 19 years, ever since a well-chosen
remedy cleared up her baby daughter’s asthma for good.

She formally graduated from the Lakeland College in 2004, and the words of her tutors may serve as the best introduction:

“Linda has a beautiful, gentle, healing energy and
an amazing smile that can light up a room. She is
colourful, insightful, safe and perceptive, lovely to
spend time with. Patients lucky enough to cross
her path will be back to heal in her relaxed and
knowledgeable presence.”

Since then, Linda has completed her postgraduate diploma with Dr Ramakrishnan, a first-class and internationally renowned homeopath who co-wrote the book “A
Homoeopathic Approach to Cancer” – a groundbreaking introduction to the plussing
method of homeopathic prescribing for cancer.


Cancer Support

Hayfever and Allergies

Skin Problems

Female hormonal

Pre-Birth Consultation - Familiarises pregnant women/birth partners with use of homeopathic remedies for the pre- and post-partum periods as well as labour and birth.
Telephone and email consultations - Convenient for those who can’t or don’t want to travel.  Details on website.
Homeopathy: Post-Graduate Courses - Linda teaches and mentors homeopathy students in the UK, Ireland and Egypt.


"I would just like to thank you so very much Linda. I haven't, and never will forget what I felt like before, and the change from then until now, well, I never thought it was possible - and it's all because of you. I really cannot thank you enough, you really have changed my whole outlook on life completely, and reinforced my dream of volunteering in Africa and my want of a career dedicated to helping people. It is not only the remedies that have helped me though, I know I have only seen and spoken to you twice, but the feelings of positivity and inspiration I am filled with after a session with you are uplifting. To be believed, understood completely, and to be told that it is o.k to feel what I have felt during these past 4 years, and that it's o.k to be myself is just absolutely amazing. You really cannot understand what you have given me, I haven't met anybody in my life whose brief encounter has had such a profound effect on me, both emotionally and physically, and for that I cannot thank you enough." - Ro Harris, psychology student, England ...Full details

Linzi G. Deayn

  Linzi C.N.G.Deayn has many years of experience and practices a uniquely holistic Approach. She is qualified in 8 different disciplines and offers her clients a very realistic approach to resolving their problems.

Her style is to fully appreciate her clients lifestyle and recommends changes on the basis of a thorough understanding of what they want to achieve.

Her friendly informal manner enables her clients to feel relaxed in their sessions with her.

As part of her colonics consultation she also does a nutritional assessment and recommends any products she believes will be beneficial to you.

Linzi specialises in colonics for women but sees men and women for nutrition. ...Full details

Lorraine Berry

  I have always been committed towards helping women and their families achieve a good experience of pregnancy and birth and successfully completed my Bsc(Hons) degree in Midwifery Studies in 1998.

My core beliefs are that pregnancy and birth are normal life events taking place with the loving support of family and friends and that women's amazing intuition and ability to know how to birth their babies instinctively should be protected and respected. As part of my NHS career, I have worked in all areas of pregnancy and birth, including community caseload holder and senior midwife on labour ward. Consequently, I have had a wide range of experience caring for women and families with healthy straightforward pregnancies as well as those with more complex issues.

As my practice has developed I have become increasingly convinced that the way a birth is experienced has an impact reaching far beyond the first few days of sleepless nights and nappies - families and women whose experience has been positive appear more confident in their parenting abilities and better able to deal with the challenges that lie ahead, proudly recalling how they managed to achieve a wonderful birth for their child. My personal challenge is how to help women and families achieve these positive outcomes.

During my first pregnancy, I became aware of Natal Hypnotherapy and began using the techniques early on. I was keen to have a natural birthing experience and planned to have a water birth at home. I experienced a little negativity from my obstetrician who wanted to induce my baby at term, particularly as I did not appear to be carrying a very large baby. However, I felt instinctively that my baby was the right size for me and was confident in my natural ability to birth my baby safely and calmly – all of which was reinforced by the regular self hypnosis sessions I was doing. It was as if I had a protective cocoon around me to ward off any negative opinions or comments. When I started to labour, I was not conscious of choosing to use Natal Hypnotherapy techniques during the birth - it was something that just happened naturally and subconsciously.

I am absolutely certain that the techniques enabled me to achieve the birth I had dreamed of. I laboured at home with the loving support of my husband and my midwife, never feeling the need for any “pain relief” and finding contractions manageable at all times. I was completely aware of what was happening, although I am told I appeared to be sleeping, and felt in control and relaxed. The birth itself was euphoric – I birthed my baby in the pool with no need for any additional help, and he breastfed almost immediately. It was the most incredible experience. I had a natural third stage, birthing the placenta about an hour later.

My second son was also born at home using Natal Hypnotherapy and again the birth was a completely natural, calm and peaceful experience.

My personal experiences of using Natal Hypnotherapy totally convinced me that this was something that all Mums could benefit from. I was also delighted that the research supports the beneficial effects Natal Hypnotherapy can have. Clearly, becoming a Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner was a natural continuation in my ambition to help families have birth experiences that they can recall with pleasure and pride and I am delighted to now be able to offer these courses in Hertfordshire. ...Full details

Lyn Richardson

  Lyn Richardson DSEH

Since 1998 Lyn has trained in many holistic therapies and now offers in her practice those she finds the most effective, which are Energy Healing, ThetaHealing, EIP of DNA and PSYCH-K.

All my life I have wondered about life and the universe - I wanted to know how things worked. I even studied physics to degree level in the hope it would lead me to my heart’s longing, but of course it didn’t. Then, a long time later, after a successful career in computing followed by a number of years spent living abroad, I became ill and was diagnosed as suffering from M.E.

This was the first step of my journey into another world, not only the discovery of how we actually create the reality we experience on a day to day basis, but also the opportunity to fully experience the often read assertion that happiness is not dependent upon external events but rather is something held inside each individual. These two understandings are the keys to unlocking the mystery of life, to enable you to create the life your heart and soul have always been longing for.

As my life's journey unfolds, I am continually discovering new and deeper ways of working. I offer the best of these new techniques, together with more established modalities, as tools to help others on their life's path. As a practitioner I offer you respect, warmth, a willingness to listen and to grow with you on your journey to the light.

...Full details

Mary Barton


Mary Barton

A Medical Herbalist undergoes a demanding degree level training of at least four years duration. We study medicine in detail and have a thorough grounding in anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well receiving training in more specialised subjects such as pharmacology, nutrition, dermatology, gynaecology and psychiatry.

I hold membership of the major professional bodies covering training and regulation in herbal medicine, notably the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, which has been in existence since 1864. I have a joint honours degree in Philosophy and physics. I am also qualified in Aromatherapy for Carers and Therapeutic Massage. Some patients with emotional problems can find these physical therapies very beneficial. ...Full details

Melanie Reinhart

  We are delighted to have Melanie Reinhart with us as a part of the Hertfordshire Holistic Health Centre. She is a world-renowned expert on Astrology and has over 30 years experience. She is the author of several books, as offered on Amazon.

Melanie Reinhart B.A., D.F.Astrol.S. was born in Zimbabwe, whose night skies inspired her vocation of astrology at an early age, in 1959. She holds a B.A. Degree in English, Music and Drama, (University of Cape Town, South Africa), and has been a professional astrologer since 1975. She is a prize-winning Diploma-holder of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS), and has taught for some of the world's leading astrology schools in the UK and abroad, including the FAS, the Centre for Psychological Astrology, the London School of Astrology, Astro*Synthesis (Melbourne, Australia) and The Scottish School of Astrology (Edinburgh).

She has also presented original research material at many international conferences, and maintains a busy practice with an international clientele. She is a popular speaker at local astrology groups in the UK, and also runs her own programme of tutorials and supervision for advanced students.

Melanie writes regularly for Caduceus magazine (see www.caduceus.info for archived material). Books published include: 'Chiron and the Healing Journey' (1989 Penguin Arkana), 'Chiron, Saturn and the Centaurs' (CPA Press 1996, p/b 2002), 'Incarnation' (CPA Press 1996). She also contributed to the anthologies 'The Mars Quartet' (CPA Press 2001), 'Modern South Africa in Search of a Soul' (Sigo Press, Boston, 1990) and 'Wilderness and the Human Spirit' (Cameron Designs, 1996). Her books are also available in Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, German, Spanish and Dutch. Melanie has wide experience of different spiritual teachings and therapeutic methods both physical and psychological, and has a special interest in meditative experience, especially using music. ...Full details

Michael Jon Pierce

  Michael Pierce has been an approved teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1980. He has busy practices in the City, Victoria and North London. Besides teaching TM, he has been a Director of a Housing Trust and Assistant Principal of a College of Further Education. He lives with his partner, Claire, a psychotherapist, and their six year daughter, and is the author of Bland Ambition and Other Poems (David Paul Press). ...Full details

Nicole Zimbler

  Nicole Zimbler is trained in various therapies and treatments, including as a Yoga Teacher, reflexologist, Baby Massage Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Doula.

She offers :

yoga and relaxatation therapy programmes,

Programmes for the elderly in body and health awareness, and

Children/Baby and Toddler Yoga. ...Full details

Odyle Perot

  Odyle is no longer with the HHHC.

Odyle Perot is a hands-on Coach who helps you to create an environment at home and in your life to help you create the life you want to live. Be bold, dream your dreams, and have them become reality!

Odyle studied the Science of Education in Paris in the late 1980's where she became interested in personal development that produces outstanding results. She has since trained in many different coaching techniques, both in France and in England.

Odyle Perot has been a life and business trainer since 1999 and co-founder of the international coaching company ClearJam. Odyle has successfully coached many people in the UK and abroad, amongst which are students at the London Business School, senior civil servants and a pop star. ...Full details

Pam Lidford

  Pam Lidford is an accredited and qualified life coach who is also a trainer with the largest coaching school in Europe. She has been practising coaching for over 3 years and uses a diverse range of exercises to help you to discover and then create the life you really want. Pam is passionate about personal development and also has training in adult teaching, counselling, managerial work, NLP techniques, reiki and TFT (Thought Field Therapy). ...Full details

Paul Shelvey

  Paul Shelvey began his working life within the Criminal Justice System and spent some years working with young offenders and then children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. With a long term interest in Eastern approaches to health and spirituality, in the early nineties, Paul trained in the body-based approach of Polarity Therapy with the International School of Polarity Therapy.

To further develop his counselling skills he then undertook a training in the transpersonal or psycho-spiritual model of Psychosynthesis Counselling and Therapy with the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust. Finding himself working in, and for a short time managing, a drug and alcohol addiction day centre, he looked for models that were effective in that field and trained in William Glasser’s cognitive behavioural model of Reality Therapy. He is currently a member of the executive of the Reality Therapy Institute UK and is involved in delivering trainings as an Advanced Practicum Facilitator.

With a personal practice of Buddhist meditation Paul was also interested in therapies that were derived from Buddhist Psychology. He studied ‘Constructive Living’, a synthesis of the Japanese psychotherapies of Morita and Naikan, in the US, with Dr David Reynolds who is the West’s leading expert in these therapies. He attended Senkobo temple in Japan to complete his Naikan studies. In the West, the Constructivist tradition of therapies, that began with George Kelly in the 1950’s, had many resonances with Buddhist thought and Paul then studied Personal Construct Psychology with Fay Francella’s Centre for Personal Construct Psychology.

He is currently involved with Mindfulness Studies at the University of Wales and is integrating Jon Kabbat-Zinns Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy into his work.

Paul works for the NHS part-time as a counsellor in primary care and has a private practice as a counsellor, counselling supervisor, trainer and Polarity Therapist. ...Full details

Paula Werrett

  Paula Werrett is an experienced Nutritional Therapist who qualified from the acclaimed Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) and has been practising since 2003. Since qualifying Paula has trained in food intolerance testing and has become a full member of the British association of Nutriitional Therapists and the Nutritional Therapy Council. Paula has been a tutor at ION for the last three years and prides herself on keeping up to date with the latest research in the world of nutrition.

Paula's areas of specialism include digestive issues, candidiasis, IBS, unexplained fatigue, skin issues, arthritis and children's health. Paula is also a foresight practitioner with a particular interest in fertility ...Full details

Peter Donn

  Peter Donn Bsc(Hons), M.AMT, EFT-ADV, C.P.MET, ITEC (A&P), Dip.CBT, TFTDx, M.AAMET, Reg.BCMA, M.BTFTA

N.B. Peter's private web site is:www.london-eft.co.uk

Peter Donn has a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in the field of helping people. Having trained in various disciplines in the last decade, he has created a new and powerful healing system called "Root Cause Healing" that is an immensely powerful synergy of the best that is offered.

Peter is highly intuitive, allowing the root of the problem to be reached quickly and other important insights to be realised.

As well as being creator and practitioner of "Root Cause Healing", he is also a Certified Practitioner of Energy and Meridian Therapies, Practitioner of Guided Self-Healing, is trained in the use of Scenar and is a trained PEAT processor. He is fully trained and very experienced in the use of EFT, as well as being an accredited EFT trainer. He is also trained to diagnostic level in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) (TFTDx) as well as in other treatments

Peter's background is in the field of I.T. in which he worked for 16 years. During this time he felt a growing wish to work directly with people, and to find and to use the most powerful techniques out there to facilitate change. He deeply believes it is in everyone's ability to live in a state of deep peace and joy, and is motivated to facilitate this in others.

Peter's creativity and passion for helping to bring out the best in people motivates him to continuously research the field of personal and spiritual devlopment. He believes we are increasingly finding methods that enable our development faster and more effectively than ever before.

After around 10 years in I.T. Peter suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome which, although he kept working, he found it a challenge to concentrate and keep motivated. He then started a journey which lead from conventional medicine to meditation and other alternative and complementary methods. He continuously works to find and evolve methods that are most effective in treating specific conditions. ...Full details

Reena Patel

  Reena Patel has many years of experience to the holistic approach. She is qualified in not only Colonic Irrigation, but also in Reiki, Health Screening, and Advanced Nutrition Programmes.

Reena is an accomplished I-ACT trained and qualified Colon Hydrotherapist.

As a result of the regular Colon Hydrotherapy treatments Reena was able to control her IBS, found that she was no longer constipated, was able to eliminate more effectively, had more energy and felt her skin and hair had improved considerably.

These experiences encouraged Reena to look further into complementary therapies and ultimately add Colon Hydrotherapy to her already wide complementary health skillset whilst still working in Central London in the Banking industry.

Her philosophy is that the body can operate at its full potential when we have physical, spiritual and emotional balance.

Reena is a true professional and friendly and very helpful in what she does, and thus this enables all her clients to enjoy the experience gained. She offers and exceptional service and takes a genuine interest in everyone’s health and wellbeing.

To Reena, complementary therapy does not mean replacing more orthodox treatments. She believes in working with conventional medicine to achieve the best results for her clients. Reena’s ultimate goal is to help educate those that come to her clinic about the wonderful benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy and the importance of a healthy Colon as a key to maintaining optimum health.

The environment in the Clinic is very relaxing, pleasant and private. There is much peace and the atmosphere is very relaxing whilst you have your treatment done.

At Pure Cleanse, the name says it all, you feel completely cleansed and pure afterwards.

...Full details

Roma Gordon

  Roma Gordon has been a complementary therapist since 1997 and has her own practice in Radlett.

During this time she has treated a wide range of conditions including, asthma, arthritis, cancer and migraines. She has also treated stress and other emotional problems

Like many therapists her initial interest in complementary therapies was sparked by her own health problems, where she experienced how the therapies worked not just on the symptoms but on the whole body.

This inspired her holistic approach to healing, treating each client as a unique individual. Roma believes that the capacity to be healed lies within each individual and her role is to help create the right conditions for this to happen, whether the symptoms are from physical problems, emotional worries or life stresses.

She is a Reiki Master and teacher and a member of the UK Reiki Federation. Additionally she practices Indian Champissage Head Massage having qualified at the London College of Indian Champissage, together with her certificates in Counselling and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Separately she is qualified in Facial Rejuvenation a Natural Facelift Massage which helps to delay and reverse the ageing process leaving you looking and feeling younger without resorting to injections or surgery.

Whether you are in need of healing or deserve some pampering Roma looks forward to helping you feel happier, healthier and whole again. ...Full details

Rosy Cox

  Experience Rosy Cox works in a holistic way to relax, de-stress and restore balance in the body. She treats each person as an individual and is sensitive to their needs making up a special treatment plan. Rosy has worked with a wide range of people with physical or emotional problems as well as treating people for general relaxation.

Qualifications Rosy completed her reflexology training at Central London School of Reflexology in July 2003 and completed an Indian head massage course in London in 2004 and is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. She is a qualified Reiki healer who trained at Isis Crystals in 1999 with Nadine Baldwin and also in 2000 with Liz Reveley. She has been reading Tarot since 12 years old and offers Tarot readings to her clients which can give a deeper insight into a person’s situation.

Personal Anecdote Reflexology is a powerful therapy which works with the body’s own natural healing processes. It enhances positive energy and vitality, removes toxins and is beneficial for all stress related illnesses and helps to balance emotions. A one off treatment can be given for general relaxation or a series of treatments for a condition.

Reiki is a flow of universal life force energy healing which travels through the healer and is given through the hands. It flows effortlessly and with just the right amount of intensity to the person and/or situation that needs the healing. It can help to remove negative energy and so promote good health and boost spiritual development. ...Full details

Rowena J Ronson

  Rowena Ronson practises as a homeopath, life coach, couples counsellor and family therapist.

In her homeopathic practice she works with couples trying to conceive, through pregnancy and childbirth, babies and children, adults and the elderly. Homeopathy is a holistic system of health so Rowena works with her patients on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. From eczema to ulcerative colitis, Crohn¹s, arthritis and cancer and from anxiety, shock and grief to addiction and deep depressive states, Rowena has a broad range of experience. She also supports women naturally through the menopause.

In recent years she has been working with whole families to improve their dynamics, health and sense of well being. To support this work she is undertaking a Masters in Relationship and Family Therapy with Relate. Rowena also works with couples supporting them through challenging times and helping them to find new perspectives on their relationship.

Rowena lectures in homeopathy at several colleges and on alternative health and personal development for other organisations. She published her first book in 2007 entitled Looking Back Moving Forward, which is selling in many countries around the world. ...Full details

Simon Charles

  Simon Charles is now in his 26th year in full time Hypnotherapy & Homeopathy and Healing/B>. Simon long since recognised that you cannot heal or cure all of the people all of the time with just one alternative disclipline, so a mix and match therapeutic system is individually worked out for each individual. Sometimes the emphasis will be on Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy, Homeopathy or Healing. Homeopathy is the only paradigm that could ever rival and replace authodoxy in terms of general treatment for disease. In order to understand Homeopathy one first needs to know what authodoxy (allo-opathy) is. This system works by immuni-system-suppression through chemical toxicity. Homepathy works through immunie system stimulation, energising and vitality. In Homeopathy we use the system "the hair of the dog that bit one" or "a little of the thing to cure the thing". Like with like, throught the law of similars. If someone attends consultation for arsenic poisoning, likely to get a fine and carefully prepared, dilute, energised dose fo arsenic to combat it. So all homeopathic medicines work through the vaccinal idea. Homeopathy is particularly good for old people, children, woman’s complaints and rare and peculiar symptoms undiagnosed by authodoxy.

I trained at the Blythe College which then became the national College of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, then the College of Practical Homeopathy (I did two post-grad courses there). I have contributed vastly to modern practical homeopathic theory and practice to incorporate handling more holistically these modern highly toxic times. I supervise students and new practitioners and also I mark the graduation exam papers for the homeopathic colleges, along with running a full-time practice. ...Full details

Sophie Lambe


Sophie Lamb

I have always worked with my hands.

I have a fine art degree in Sculpture which then evolved into a job working at the Royal Opera House in the Hat and Jewellery department, as milliner, mask maker and costume jewellery maker. Whilst I was there I took a course in Thai massage. I then travelled the world with an Irish dance show as Head of Costume, doing massage courses wherever we were based for any length of time. I had the added advantage of regular on site massage that the company provided, experiencing all forms of massage in different countries, different styles, techniques and routines. This decided me to venture further and study it in more depth myself, on leaving the company. I took a holistic massage course after having my first child, and then an advanced pre-natal training when pregnant with my second, as I had so benefitted from massage myself during the first pregnancy. At any opportunity, I do continue to learn and train further, expanding and enriching my knowledge and understanding of the body.

Now a content mother of two, I work as a massage therapist specialising in pregnancy massage, both from an alternative therapy clinic in Crouch End, , and as a mobile service covering Herts and North London . ...Full details

Susan Millican

  Susan Millican
I have been practising as a Homeopath for over 18 years and have been registered with the Society of Homeopaths since 1991. I see the process of Homeopathic treatment as a very personal journey for the patient: if what needs to be treated is simply a skin eruption then this is equally valid and should be honoured as a more deeply emotional issue. I see myself as working alongside a patient: the time of the appointment is your space to explore whatever needs to be treated at that time.

In addition to my training as a Homeopath I am also trained as a Scenar Practitioner.The Scenar device is bio-controlled, electro-impulse therapy used to provide pain relief by using the body’s own healing reserves. I have found that this is a very useful addition to homeopathic treatment.

Once you are my patient I offer a comprehensive range of treatments: I treat any acute symptoms as they arise as by treating them I can build up a picture of you by assessing how you react to different remedies. I am also available if you suffer any events as they occurr eg accidents,falls or emotional shocks. Homeopathy has a wonderful range of remedies to treat these life events. Obviously it is important that you still use your G.P. as and when you feel it is necessary.

In time you will probably learn which remedies help you and feel confident to self-prescribe if you wish to.

I am also part of a network of other alternative practitioners who I am happy to recommend. I have regular phone-in times which you should use if you have any queries or concerns or acute symptoms (eg a cold or cough) during your treatment.

I am part of a group of Homeopaths who provide emergency cover. Once you have become my patient you will be entitled to use this service every day of the year. There is no extra charge for this service. ...Full details

Suzanne Franklin


Suzanne Franklyn

The Journey changed my life - in every possible way! During a desperately traumatic time in my life, traditional medicine left me with such unpleasant side effects that I chose to struggle through without them. My 15 year career as a sceptical Sales Manager left little room for belief that anything so simple could possibly work. Having experienced the Journey process for myself, I was so impressed by the immediate and wonderful changes in me that I felt the need to learn as much as I could about it. So happy was I with my 'new' life that I decided to give up my sales career to train as a fully qualified Accredited Journey Practitioner. I wanted to pass on this incredibly effective healing process. I feel truly privileged and honoured to have been part of the amazing changes that Journey Therapy has brought to the lives of people from all works of life: men, women and children of all ages (from 3 years old to 78 years young), who had suffered many different and varied issues, both physical and emotional.

I have facilitated over 900 Journey Processes in the past 5 years and my clients include well known Celebrities, Actresses, teachers, senior government officials, Chief Executive, and Directors. Like many of us I had experienced a number of traumas in my personal life – the worst time being in 1997, when my now ex-husband was attacked and suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This took many months to diagnose, by which time we had separated and had both experienced a great deal of trauma.

As a secondary victim of my husband’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I was prescribed traditional medicine to help me through this indescribable time. For me, the side effects of the drugs were so unpleasant that it was preferable to just struggle through the years of anguish without them. I also received traditional counselling, which eventually helped slightly, but seemed to take so long to have any effect. I subsequently attended a Counselling Training Course, which confirmed my belief that many people want to have faster results and move forward with their lives.

A friend recommended a book called ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays. I bought the book, could not put it down and then attended a Journey Intensive weekend.

Being a sceptical Sales Manager I did not initially believe anything so simple could possibly work, but I was so impressed by the immediate changes in myself that I felt driven to learn more about it. I made the decision to leave my full time employment as Sales Development Manager to complete the Accreditation Course and the many case studies involved. The feedback from my clients is so rewarding.

I am so much happier, healthier and relaxed about life. My family and friends have seen the wonderful changes in me and have had Journey processes themselves. Even my sceptical sons (now aged 24 and 23 years) are willing to have Journey processes! I wish I had known about the Journey years ago!!

As part of being a Journey practitioner we are encouraged to use intuitively other skills we have or are trained in. I use various tool such as N.L.P. (Neurolinguistic programming), Art therapy, Creative Visualisation which may be integrated as part of a Designer Journey. I have put together various programmes including fertility, weight loss, natural facelift, business stress, woman’s health issues, past life regression. Please get in touch to find out more about these.

Fertility Therapy

At least 25% of British couples encounter problems conceiving.

Women can become so desperate to have a baby that their lives become an emotional roller coaster and with the body in a perpetual state of fight or flight is it any wonder pregnancy doesn’t occur? For nearly a third of couples their infertility is ‘unexplained’. The answer is to look deeper at lifestyle factors and emotional elements.

Fertility Therapy offers a safe, painless, non invasive, and often immediately effective solution without the use of medication.

This powerful, successful, and unique programme has helped many couples become pregnant. The therapy can be alongside IVF programmes to dramatically increase the chances of pregnancy.

Suzanne Franklin's successful experiences as a practitioner with clients suffering from other health issues such as Endometriosis, PMT and Depression were also often experiencing problems conceiving. This motivated her to train to become one of only 40 specialist practitioners in the UK trained in HypnoFertility, which combined with other therapies makes Fertility Therapy a powerful option for those wishing to have the a child of their own without resorting to drugs.

Often old emotional issues are causing the current physical issue. Fertility Therapy can to get to the root of the problem, including stress or depression, and allows the body to heal itself without the use of medication or anything invasive.’ Says Suzanne.

An initial 30-minute consultation is offered free of charge and without obligation. ...Full details

Tamara Donn

  Tamara Donn
...Full details



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