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All our therapists are fully qualified and insured* and have had at least 1+ year's experience in at least one therapy.


* where applicable, and at the time of joining us

Ayurveda Massage (Ayurvedic Massage)

Being first pioneered more than 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is used for relieving pain, shaping the organs, regenerating tissues and correcting almost all internal malfunctions. Massage helps the body receive nutrition and expel toxins. Ayurveda Massage Ayurvedic Massage



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Certain ailments related to the muscles, ligaments and nervous system can be completely healed through good ayurvedic massage therapy. In diseases caused by deranged vata, massage therapy can also be the only remedy. In diseases caused by deranged pitta and kapha, ayurvedic massage therapy compliments other healing methods.

In ayurvedic massage therapy, the practitioner mostly works with the knowledge of the marmas or indian pressure points.Ayurvedic massage therapy is an ideal remedy for pain.

Ayurvedic massage therapy on the parts of the face representing other areas of the body can also help other medical treatment to succeed.

Ayurvedic massage therapy can be used effectively in cases of arthritis, rheumatism, neurasthenia, high or low blood pressure, sciatica, paralysis, polio and insomnia. In all these cases, the massage practitioner should however also prescribe specific medication, changes in daily habits, excercises, etc.

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