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All our therapists are fully qualified and insured* and have had at least 1+ year's experience in at least one therapy.


* where applicable, and at the time of joining us

Doula (Doula services, post-natal support, birth attendant, birth support)

A Doula is a supportive assistant who provides emotional and physical support during the process of pregnancy, labour and /or the post-natal period Doula Doula services, post-natal support, birth attendant, birth support


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Doula Doula services, post-natal support, birth attendant, birth support extra


Why use a Doula?

Research has shown that having a Doula alongside you during the birth process can lead to:

  • 50% reduction of cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labour
  • 60% reduction in epidural request
  • 30% reduction in analgesia used
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Findings from "Mothering the Mother"
Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993

Here are some vital statistics:


Kennell J, Klaus M, McGrath S, Robertson S, Hinkley C. JAMA 1991 May 1;265(17):2197-201

6 weeks after birth, mothers who had doulas were:

Less anxious and depressed

Had more confidence with baby

More satisfied with partner (71% vs 30%)

More likely to be breastfeeding (52% vs. 29%)

These statistics appear in “A Doula Makes the Difference” by Nugent in Mothering Magazine

The description of Doula services in this page has been reproduced with kind permission of our doula Kicky Hansard. The description below refers to Kicki, however our other Doulas offer similar services - please enquire.

Doula Services

I offer a free consultation to talk about my services further and answer any questions. As a member of Doula UK I also have access to a Hardship Fund which has been setup to assist towards the cost of hiring a doula. Please check the Doula UK website for further details.

Birth Doula

Birth Pack I will provide you with a pack containing useful information and exercises which will assist towards your preparations for birth. I also have a number of books available for you to borrow.

Antenatal Visits Usually two visits. We will talk about previous birth experiences, any concerns and worries you may have and go through different positions for birth. Each meeting lasts around 1-2 hours. Additional meetings can be arranged.


Telephone Consultations and contact via e-mail as much as is needed to answer any questions, concerns or queries. I will help you get the information you need!

Birth Preferences I will provide assistance in helping you prepare a customised birth plan. This enables me to know what your wishes are for your birth so that I can be the best support for you and your partner.

On call 24-hours from 14 days before and after due date You can call me at any time during this period.

Continuous emotional & physical support during labour and delivery No time limits or shift changes! I have a Homeopathic Birthkit which you will be able to use, as well as a number of aromatic oils and creams.

Postnatal Visit Usually two visit. During this time I can assist in breast feeding if need be, share together in the memories of your birth and admire your precious baby! I will also be available for consultation by phone during the first six weeks after the birth. Additional meetings can be arranged.

Postnatal Doula

I offer emotional and practical support to the new parents, in your home, following the birth of your baby. My work is all about empowering your family to take care of itself and I facilitate this by offering encouragement and suggestions as well as providing a supportive home environment to enable you as a mother to develop your own mothering skills in a relaxed, stress-free manner.

I provide suggestions and help around infant feeding, give you space to discuss any concerns and issues and I generally offer a source of information and companionship.

I may also help take care of older children, do some food shopping, cooking and occasional light housework, should the need arise.


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Doula Doula services, post-natal support, birth attendant, birth support graphic


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