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B>Emotrance is a therapy designed to help individuals release negative emotions and beliefs, and a self-help method to help you take charge of your emotions. It involves the control and release of feelings and sensations n your body. Emotrance


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Designed by UK Researcher Silvia Hartmann PhD, EmoTrance is a true 21st Century application of the most ancient understandings of our Energy Body, it's nutritional requirements, it's immune system structures and how to really approach your mind-body health from the ground up in a whole new, and truly delightful way.

EmoTrance is: - a profoundly user-friendly self-help system for managing emotions from moment to moment which teaches our bodies to respond differently to stress & sadness

- an excellent healing tool, which creates deep healing interactions between individuals
- a revolutionary healing teacher which allows remarkable blossoming of skills, understanding and effectiveness in healing
- a unique method for releasing energy blockages from old stuck hurts and patterns
- the entranceway to a new realm of change, growth, discovery and recovery which includes healing the past, present AND the future...
- a support system that can be compared to emotional martial arts - providing you with immediate emotional management in direct response to any situation
- your personal teacher and guide to your own energy system

Emotrance is just such a technique and it can be easily learned. The regular application of the Emotrance processes to a variety of emotional scenarios, past and present helps you discover more about your energy body. As you become more aware of your own energy, you can assist it in flowing more smoothly and in doing so, can restore your Divine Blueprint for your emotional body.

Emotrance can accelerate traditional counselling and psychotherapy as the question is asked 'where do you experience this issue in your body', and once the energy is noticed, it can be encouraged to soften and flow. Once energy begins to flow, there is often no need to continue focusing on the issue. Emotrance can be used for fun and creativity too as it is possible obtain energy nutrition from objects and people in our environment.

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