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All our therapists are fully qualified and insured* and have had at least 1+ year's experience in at least one therapy.


* where applicable, and at the time of joining us

Life Coaching (Personal Life Coaching, Life Skills Coaching)

Life coaching is about getting the results you want in your life. It is about moving beyond your blocks and using your hidden talents to create the life you want. Life Coaching Personal Life Coaching, Life Skills Coaching

Life coaches

Life coach
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St Albans AL1

(Near to: Redbourn, Harpenden, Wheathampstead, Hatching Green, Childwickbury, Sandridge, Porters Wood, Marshalswick, Oaklands, Tyttenhanger, Potters Crouch, Pimlico, Bedmond, Chiswell Green, Napsbury, Frogmore, Colney Street, Shenleybury, Shenley, South Mimms, Hatfield)

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Life Coaching Personal Life Coaching, Life Skills Coaching extra

Life Coaching...

Life Coaching

What Life Coaching is about - What it is not about

Clients gain amazing benefits from being coached. Gets them from where they are now to where they want to be. Gets them there faster and better than if they work alone.

Life Coaching is not magic but results are certainly magical. Started in USA in the 80’s, psychologists helping individuals who did not have problems relating to their past. People felt their lives were out of sync and lacked enthusiasm and balance in their lives. They felt there must be something better than this. Some psychologists dealt with a number of individuals like this and realised that these individuals were bored with their lives or stuck in a rut. They had no need to look to the past, they needed to deal with the present and create positive actions for a fulfilling future. Out of this Life Coaching was born.

The definition of a Life Coach is a relationship between two people, the coach and the client, it’s about helping a client to achieve whatever they want in life, helping them with the realisation that they really can do, be or have what they want and require in their lives. Everyone has this potential within their grasp. An idea or dream can be taken and turned into a reality, coaching is about focus, intent, commitment and enthusiasm from both sides. Above all it is about results that can be seen, measured, experienced and quantified.

Life Coaching is different to counselling and therapy. Typically with these disciplines individuals have a problem such as divorce, bereavement, business failure etc. A coaching client may have none of these problems, indeed many are successful, fulfilled and contented people amongst their peers. Counselling and therapy look to the past to help to find a solution and offer answers or suggestions, whereas Life Coaching is not concerned with the past, it is exclusively about the now and future and does not profess to have any answers. Life Coaching believes that the answers are within the individuals themselves. The skill and practice of coaching is to help the client to find the answers, bring them to the surface and then convert them into the energy of positive action. It is a holistic profession. Every client is seen as the special individual they are. There are no judgements or criticisms it is a progressive process where ‘stumbling blocks are converted into stepping stones’; where each small step taken brings the client closer to to achieving their desires and full potential.

Mentoring is also different, as it is concerned with specific tasks or thought processes, in as much as it is someone who has been ‘there and done that’. Mentors are expected to have all the answers, they are teachers. Life Coaches are guides who require such skills as flexibility, objectivity and clarity to assist the client in finding the answers to their problems.

With Life Coaching there is no success nor failure, only the result of an action. The result is the most important part in the process. Coaching is all about achieving results. Through gentle and progressive questioning coaches can assist in helping clients to discover what they really want from life and assist them in getting it.

Individuals may have read self help books or attended seminars on this subject, all of which are good, however, they may still not have managed to move forward. With a coach clients learn how to achieve change and maintain impetus and enthusiasm as they are there to support them with new and continued information. This support is continued until the new information becomes knowledge that the client can automatically act upon. It is retraining the thought processes in a positive way which will develop and build upon the clients self esteem and confidence. All areas of ones life can be improved upon, such as relationships, career, financial, etc. The only limits on your progression are the limits you impose upon yourself. ‘Life Coaching is about results that arise from positive action.’

What is Life Coaching?

This report aims to give you a better understanding of what Life Coaching is all about. I aim to introduce you to the amazing benefits you can expect to achieve through being coached.

Is Life Coaching for me?

Check against these questions:

1. Do you feel you lack confidence?
2. Do you feel ‘there must be more than this’?
3. Are you ‘stuck in a rut?’
4. Do you just feel you lack enthusiasm or balance?
5. Do you want to make the most of your hidden talents?

If you answered yes to any of these then Life Coaching is for you. It is a holistic profession which helps to move you from “where you are now” to “where you want to be in the future”. It requires you to be committed to making a change. Commitment encourages ownership and therefore success.

What is the role of the Life Coach?

It is to help you ‘grow’. By showing you how to focus on your self awareness you can learn how to highlight the issue or goal causing you the most concern and change it based on your own personal beliefs and standards.

Is Life Coaching the same as Counselling?

The simple answer is NO. Coaching is for individuals who are committed to making a change through the setting of aims and goals. It is action orientated. The individual will be helped to develop a strategy to get them to where they want to be in the future. Coaching is strongly focused in the present, the here and now. By comparison, ‘Therapy addresses major emotional issues and tries to find context and understanding based on the past’1. If a person is in emotional pain, due to traumas based in the past, they are more suited to therapy. Therapists tend to deal more with introspection therefore it is a longer process and requires different skills.

What are the benefits of life coaching for me?

The Coach will help you to realise your personal responsibility for reaching your chosen target. By encouraging you to go outside of your comfort zone you will be guided towards attaining personal fulfilment and balance. The joy of succeeding is thrilling and empowering.

Coaching will encourage you to do more than you would if left to your own devices. You will be shown how to:

  • not settle for anything less than you long for.
  • focus on solutions rather than problems.
  • achieve results, discover what success means to you and to look at how it will make you feel.
  • receive support from your coach in order to motivate you and keep you focused through regular telephone contact.
  • help you maintain a positive attitude, free of internal barriers and interference.
  • help you hold onto beliefs that nurture and empower you.

Your coach is there for you in an objective, non judgemental role.

Your coach will listen attentively to you so you feel fully heard.

Through being coached, individuals will learn how to set goals which will enable them to start work on areas of their lives causing them the most concern. You will be assisted in identifying your needs, values and goals by rating the importance of every area of your life,eg. health, family, relationships, self esteem, confidence, career, financial, spiritual, etc.

Coaching will show you how to stop using excuses as a reason for not having what you want, help you to take that first step towards a brighter future and guide you towards being positive and confident. Remember, ‘if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’.

Life coaching is about results. With coaching there is no success or failure only positive results.

So remember: The only limits on your success are the ones you impose on yourself.


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