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Neuro-muscular Transmission (Neuromuscular transmission)

Neurological Transmission is an effective therapy that works on the physical, emotional and/or psychological / emotional levels, re-aligning muscles that have become distorted through injury and twists, therefore relieving pain. Very relaxing! Neuro-muscular Transmission Neuromuscular transmission


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Neuro-muscular Transmission Neuromuscular transmission extra

Neuro-muscular Transmission...

Neuro-Muscular Transmission is a simple technique using gentle touch or no direct contact. It is a process of reprogramming designed to bring about fundamental change on a physical, emotional and psychological level. NMT uses manipulation of soft tissue which then makes use of the body’s communication system. When we are in pain, we move to a ‘position of ease’ and eventually the muscles become tense and distorted. During treatment the therapist will apply hands to the body and a process of reprogramming begins. The brain assesses the problem in relation to its ‘original blueprint’. The therapist will start a process of positional release which will initiate a process of reversal to resolve the problem and ease the pain. As the process is repeated several times during a treatment session the tension is released from the corresponding muscles.

The treatment may include the whole body or specific areas. You remain fully clothed in a comfortable lying or sitting position. The therapist is guided intuitively when laying hands on your body. Sometimes this can be confusing as it may not always correspond to the site of pain! Pain can be referred to another part of the body.

The process has three different stages:

  1. Resolution of a problem which may be acute or chronic
  2. Support through a transitional phase while the body adjusts to the changes that have taken place
  3. Maintenance if the problem is aggravated by work or activity placing excessive strain on any one area.

Conditions it can help:

Muscular-skeletal pain resulting from sports or impact injuries

Restricted mobility


Arthritic conditions

Back pain



Digestive disorders

Sessions are normally about 1 hour long, and treatments are usually 1-2 weeks apart initially, extending further apart once the basic problem has been resolved. NMT is a gentle and non-invasive treatment therefore is suitable for all age groups.

Neurological transmission also helps with depression, bereavement, stress, fear, anxiety, anger and relationship problems. Treatment then is focused on the head or in the energy field. The information will be transmitted to the therapist’s mind in the form of colour, symbols, emotions, physical sensations or words. During this time you may feel completely relaxed.


The therapy itself helps rebalance your emotional state releasing difficult emotions and the thinking that goes behind them so that you should start to feel your true self again.

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