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Psychokinesiology (Psycho-kinesiology, kinesiology)

Psychokinesiology is a truly extraordinary tool allowing us to access deeply unconscious information effortlessly. It is used to find out the optimum way to resolve a given issue or condition and how to go about that. Psychokinesiology Psycho-kinesiology, kinesiology


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Psychokinesiology is a truly extraordinary tool allowing us to access deeply unconscious information effortlessly. Unlike kinesiology, which is used to access information specifically about the physical body, psychokinesiology is used to access such information as the true originating source of a problem, and it can do this in a few seconds. This alone could take years to find using traditional talk therapies.

In finding the exact originating events, clients gain insight into why they are feeling how they are. They get to see what beliefs were crystallized, and how that has followed them into their present life situations. Clients gently experience the emotion behind the originating situation and - often - how the position of the felt emotion in their body is affecting their health at exactly that location in their body!

How does psychokinesiology work? It is also known as “muscle testing”. When you focus on a truth, the muscles in the body have a firmness, a strength. When an arm is held out and someone pressed down upon it, it is difficult - sometimes impossible - to press down. When the same person focusses on something that is false, the muscle of the body go weak - you can press the arm down with one finger!

The interesting thing is that individuals don’t have to consciously know the answer - and even if they try their hardest to override the answer, the truth gets revealed.

For example if someone said “My name was Joe ” when his name was actually Richard, they couldn’t possibly hold their arm up when pressed with a single finger.

And so we can track down everything we need to know about an individuals’ issue - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Where it comes from, what it has to teach us (psychokinesiology tells us how to go about finding that, out of a range of options) and how to heal it. We have used it thousands of times in sessions with our clients - the wisdom and truth it reveals never ceases to amaze us.

Psychokinesiology is actually not treated as a separate therapy. Is is used separately by various therapies - in particular Root Cause healing, Accelerated Psychotherapy and Holistic Counselling. This is because it gives us a precise treatment plan, and guides us in the optimum way to help an individual in the most efficient and appropriate way.


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