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Root Cause Healing

Root Cause Healing is a powerful healing system designed to accurately track down the causes of any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issue. It uses a combination of psycho-kinesiology and powerful healing modalities. Root Cause Healing


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Root Cause Healing...

Root Cause Healing™ is a powerful healing system designed to track down and facilitate the healing of the origins of your physical, emotional or mental issue or problem, over a relatively small period of time. In-so-doing, emotional issues can vanish, and physical issues – if not healed in the process - can do so much more effectively using existing complementary or conventional methods.

Read about other peoples' experience of Root Cause Healing in these testimonials. Root Cause Healing appeared as the main feature in the "21st Century Medicine" edition of Positive Health magazine in October 2005. CLICK HERE to read this article now (PDF format). It was picked as "the one that worked" by a reader of Woman and Home Magazine, August 2005 edition. The November 2005 edition of Natural Health and Beauty magazine reviews it.

Here are some areas it works well with:

· stress, fears and anxiety
· stubborn or chronic physical issues
· relationship challenges
· emotional and mental issues
· spiritual growth
· life purpose
· trauma
· cancer
· powerful alternative to traditional talk therapies
· sports and performance psychology
· blocks to abundance
· blocks to manifesting goals
· pre-conception and labour fears

Unless a problem is healed at the level it is created, it may be difficult to get results, or the results may not be permanent. Root Cause Healing™ is all about tracking down with precision the causes of your issue, and using the latest in energy medicine to heal it.

Now, more than ever before, the link between the mind, the body, emotions and beliefs is becoming more accepted, in particular with the arrival of such books as “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton Phd and “Molecules of Emotion” by Dr Candice Pert. The former reveals biologically how DNA within our cells are controlled by our perception. Perception itself is the net combination of an individual’s belief system, and the belief system comes into being from the sum total of an individual’s experiences, and – very often – those of parents and grandparents.

Root Cause Healing™ (RCH) uses Psycho-kinesiology (PK) (a form of muscle testing) to track down the specific points in your past where limiting beliefs – directly pertinent to your issue - have been created. Once found, PK is used to find how we are to release those beliefs, or balance the body, out of a large choice to include EFT, NLP, Quantum Touch and Scenar. In releasing these, the true causes are healed and the body re-balances itself. It is then mobilised and resourceful in resolving the original issue or condition. In the case of emotional conditions, there is often a noticeable change of perception in the session.

Sometimes, PK will refer you– usually after causal elements have been healed - to an external therapist or treatment method, such as nutritional medicine, life coaching, massage, physiotherapy or homeopathy , most of which are available in-house. With causal elements out of the way, you can expect your body to be much more responsive to any form of treatment - conventional or complementary.

For an in-depth description of how Root Cause Healing is used in the treatment of physical issues, and how emotional and mental causal factors do fundamentally affect the physical body, read the article:

The Role of Root Cause Healing in the Treatment of Physical Dis-Ease

Root Cause Healing in Sports Performance

In any sport the mind plays a vital role in your game. It is as much about psychology as about physical skill. Take the following examples for your golf game - all of these will be having a significant, if not dramatic effect on your score:

  • Getting flustered when people are waiting behind you
  • Getting angry with yourself for missing the hole - and making things even worse by doing it again
  • Having a deep fear of messing up the stroke
  • Feeling pressured by others doing better then you and sabotaging the rest of your game

There is a way to release these issues, and that is handled by our flagship technique “Root Cause Healing™ Once this has happened the emotions that rear their head will be a thing of the past and you can remain positive and focused.

Other ways in which we will work in order for you to achieve psychological perfection at your game, is for you to focus on “nightmare” scenarios and ideal scenarios. If we can get you to be able to playback the former without the negative emotions being felt, and imagine the later without fears of failure coming up, you can look forward to higher scores than you could ever imagine.

Over time, and as you see fit, we can continue our relationship to work with any new issues coming up in your game


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