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Journey Therapy (The Journey, Brandon Bays)

The Journey, or Journey Therapy is a simple, painless process uncovering old cell memories that are causing us these issues and clears them out, allowing our bodies to heal themselves. It allow us to get in touch with your inner wisdom. Journey Therapy The Journey, Brandon Bays

Journey Therapists / Practitioners

Journey Therapist / Practitioner
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Journey Therapy...

The Journey is a powerful healing process, discovering the causes of your issue and resolving them. It enables you to get in touch with your inner wisdom and free yourself from limiting emotional blocks and destructive behavioural patterns.

Many of our personality traits are learned at an early age. Once they are in place, we tend to attract experiences that confirm our negative beliefs about ourselves.

The Journey takes you deep within, guided by your own body wisdom, to uncover the memory from which your issue has arisen. You are then able to release the suppressed emotion associated with that memory.Free from that suppressed emotion your body is then able to heal itself, normally, as it does every day.

No two Journey processes are the same. A Journey process may typically take between 2 to 4 hours, and you should make sure you have time to rest at home afterwards. The Journey process guides you to discover your own truth and gives you the tools by which to resolve your issues and let them go. How profound the effect of your process depends on your willingness to feel and release your emotions.

The Journey is a very powerful process and you may feel like an emotional or physical spring clean is taking place.

The Journey - Cellular Healing at the Deepest Level

Quoted from www.thejourney.com

The Journey is a unique, powerful and experiential healing process. It works at the deepest level, directly with your ‘body-memory’ to help clear long held emotional and physical blocks. Do you long to experience boundless joy? Are you ready to open to your own infinite potential? Are you ready to let go of years of emotional and physical baggage? Are you FINALLY ready to be FREE? Then you are ready for The Journey!

The results are profound and lasting. With the Journey Process thousands of people have freed themselves from the issues of anxiety, depression and sexual blocks, self-esteem, grief and anger issues, addictions, chronic pain and many other physical illnesses.

The Journey - if I had known then what I know now

You may have already heard of The Journey. Its positive benefits have been discussed on National Television programmes including Gloria Hunniford’s ‘Open House’. The Journey process is so simple. It allows us to uncover specific memories stored in our cells, resolve them completely, and clear them out.

Amazingly, the Journey is effective for both EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL illnesses. The author of The Journey, Brandon Bays, was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball that led her to discover this process and only 6½ weeks later she was pronounced tumour free, textbook perfect, no drugs, no surgery!

The processes are painless and can sometimes be immediately effective, allowing you to have a healthier and happier life.

One Designer Journey has been equated to 6 months traditional counselling!
With the Journey process thousands of people have freed themselves from a wide range of Emotional and Physical illnesses including:

· Depression
· Low self-esteem
· Lack of confidence
· Grief/Bereavement
· Stress/Anxiety
· Fertility
· Guilt
· Phobias
· Sexual abuse
· Trauma
· Weight issues
· Pre Menstrual Syndrome
· Irritable Bowel Syndrome
· Eczema/Psoriasis
· Relationships (both personal and business)


The list is endless !!

It has been said that generally men do not like to talk about their emotions. The Journey processes cut through the hours of discussing ‘who said what, where and when’ and gets straight to the core issue. They respond very well to the processes and are often amazed at the sometimes-instant results.

The Journey and Children

Children find The Journey processes fun and fast to do.

The Journey can impact Business Too

Two businesswomen have trebled their turnover in 2 years by encouraging their employees to have Journey processes.

Can The Journey HelpYou

Yes. The Journey can help anyone who wishes to be free from an emotional or physical issue, for instance depression or a chronic illness. It is for people who want to leave the pain and anxiety behind them and who want to empower themselves. The Journey helps you to realise your true worth and potential living life as a full expression of your self. However, all this depends on you and your desire to be free of those restricting physical and emotional bonds.

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