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All our therapists are fully qualified and insured* and have had at least 1+ year's experience in at least one therapy.


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Therapeutic Channelling

Therapeutic Channelling is the use of channelled information in a therapeutic capacity to help with many areas with your life, to include relationships, careers, life path, and understanding negative life experiences. Therapeutic Channelling



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Therapeutic Channelling...

Therapeutic Channelling is the use of channelled information and guidance to help in many area, such as such as:

• difficulties in relationships
• career issues
• the unfolding of your path
• personal dilemmas, including health problems
• understanding troubling dreams and negative patterns.

Sessions are taped to provide a lasting record for you to refer to. Tapes are given to clients on the understanding that they will be used with integrity for inner work purposes only.

This form of channelled guidance is a modern and integrated way anchored in ancient spiritual traditions and with sound psychological roots. It is a transformative way of accessing one’s truth or experiencing one’s own wise resources. It is an exploration where insights and inner shifts are stimulated, with the cooperation of guides, intangible intelligences intent on assisting humanity in a peaceful, respectful way. The space for process is comfortable and loving.

The guides convey useful perspectives on human problems, dilemmas and choices. They do not foretell the future, which is perceived as much more diverse and malleable than humans often tend to believe. They encourage a greater experience of free will and a greater sense of healthy selfhood. They are particularly skilled at bringing people’s gifts to the fore and identifying blockages to good health and relationships.

The sessions are more akin to a transpersonal form of intuitive counselling than revelatory psychic material, although occasionally clairvoyancy is woven into the unfolding of the process. Although this form of channelling requires a mild partial trance, the facilitator is fully conscious and present. Sophia does not set about to contact directly people who have passed on, Although bereavement and issues around death and the departed can be worked on, there is no direct intention to contact directly people who have moved on. There may be glimpses of past lives only if relevant to the present incarnation, but often these can be taken as a revealing metaphor which assists healing.

This form of guidance, though loving, can be very powerful too. Occasionally you may need a follow-up session in a more conventional therapeutic way, to integrate the meanings and experiences of the guided session and possibly to examine practical implications.

It is not advisable to come for guidance if taking drugs for mental illness, unless cleared with the facilitator.

And finally: guidance must never override one’s own best instincts. Sometimes guidance is not to be taken literally, at face value: it is there to provoke one into thinking more deeply into one’s own situation and courses of action, increasing the field of choice and self-acceptance. Guidance sometimes may push the process on rather than giving a clear indication of what must be done!

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