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Antenatal Classes
based on Birthing From Within

Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
(5 minutes from J20 of M25)

“It helped me to think of pain as something more positive – part of a journey towards motherhood rather than something to be scared of.”

What to Expect

Class Format

Why Should I Choose Birthing From Within?


So how much does it cost and what exactly am I getting for my money?

Where & When?

To book…


What to Expect

Expecting a baby can be exciting, often confusing and sometimes stressful time for a pregnant woman, her partner and family. Being able to talk about your concerns, ask questions and find solutions in the company of others going through the same experience can be really helpful. Finding out what is likely to happen during the birth and in the immediate weeks following delivery can really boost your confidence and help you to embrace the process of becoming a mother. These antenatal classes are designed with these things in mind.

These classes can be taken as an alternative to or as a compliment to NCT (National Childbirth Trust) or NHS hospital (if they are available in your area!) antenatal and parentcraft classes.

They are small, informal and friendly groups for pregnant women and their partners.  Based on Birthing From Within, these classes offer a unique approach to childbirth preparation. As well as benefiting from receiving practical information, parents-to-be will learn pain-coping practices which can help deal with labour pain, post operative caesarean pain and post partum exhaustion. The course will help participants discover their own personal strength and wisdom to birth in awareness whatever the birth outcome. Nonjudgmental, multi-sensory, effective and fun!

"Tamara left me feeling very envious of the women of Hertfordshire who are able to benefit from such wonderful classes.” (RK at workshop for ARM midwives study day)

Class Format

The antenatal course takes place 3 four hour morning sessions followed by a reunion after the births.

IIf you are interested in one-to-one classes please contact me for details on info@womantomother.co.uk or 01923 260050.

When asked when the best time to attend these classes is, I reply “when you are ready, only you will know”. Although traditionally women are encouraged to attend antenatal classes in the last 3 months of pregnancy, some women prefer to come earlier. I have had women attend at 13 weeks and 39 weeks pregnant.

Partners/ labour supporters/ doulas are encouraged to come to all classes. The classes are limited to a maximum of 5 couples.

Why Should I Choose Birthing From Within?

Birthing From Within antenatal (parentcraft) classes differ from NCT and NHS classes in that as well as giving the pregnant women (and partners) information, attendees will also benefit from:

  • participating in processes that enable you to connect with their owner inner wisdom and birth power
  • honouring that birth is a rite of passage into parenthood
  • embracing fears about birth and parenthood
  • acknowledging that the unexpected can happen and finding ways of preparing and coping with this
  • celebrating that with every birth there are 2 births - the birth of the baby and the birth of the mother


The antenatal course generally includes information and discussion about the following topics:

• pregnancy, what happens in labour and how the baby is born
• talking with health professionals
• trying out positions for labour to make it easier
• coping strategies for labour
• pain relief, exploring natural and drug-assisted methods
• some of the complications of labour that might occur, eg. caesarean birth
• the role of a partner or other labour support and their needs
• what it might be like when you become a parent and form your own family
• the needs of the new baby

“The classes allowed me to examine my thoughts and concerns and that meant that I was more prepared. The best think was the way that it bought me closer to my husband.”

What happens when the classes finish ?

Once you have actually finished your classes, you will have an opportunity to meet regularly at the Birth Art Café for pregnant women held once a week on Wednesday mornings 10:00-12:00.

Once the babies have been born there is a reunion of all the new families. After that, mums and babies can attend the Birth Café for new mums on Thursday afternoons 2:00-4:00. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other and share your experiences whilst the post-natal support is on hand.

So how much does it cost and what exactly am I getting for my money ?

  • Antenatal course based on Birthing From Within
  • Information pack full of local resourses for pregnant women and new mums
  • All course materials
  • 2 for the price of one Birth Café vouchers

The early bird cost is £127 if booked at least 3 weeks before the start date of the course, otherwise £157.

Where & When?

Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

All classes take place in Kings Langley (5 mins from J20 of M25 and close to Watford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans and Berkhamsted). For times and dates, click here

To book…

To reserve a place, email info@womantomother.co.uk or call Tamara Donn on 01923 260050.

"The course has been so amazing, thank you so much for everything. I hope you picked up from everyone that we all wanted it to continue for longer - so obviously we all found it really helpful as well as really good."

For Information about a special Dissolving Pregnancy Fears Workshop click here

For details of rights to paid time off work for antenatal classes see http://www.maternityalliance.org.uk/prof_work.htm#16


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